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Expanding Educational Opportunities for Older Students

Most programs that address the high school dropout issue have focused on dropout prevention or dropout recovery of young people. When an individual passes the dropout recovery age, the age at which state funding for dropout recovery ends (about 16), the high school diploma becomes very difficult to attain. This situation is exacerbated by recent changes to the GED that make it more difficult to pass.

However, according to Kate Schimel (Education Dive, October 2015), the focus for adult recovery is shifting to programs new state systems that help provide support for adults who need the certificate to get a job. These programs rely in part on increasing availability of technology-based resources, which now have stronger support and accountability.

This is where Merit can fit in.

Merit’s GED Prep Bundle covers the key concepts students need to know to pass the GED exam. The software contains a wide variety of interactive learning activities that have been effective in mastering skills relevant to GED success.

The bundle will familiarize students with the type of content they will see on the exam. Lessons are self-paced and self-correcting.

Student scores are tracked in a record management system that allows instructors and students to view results and print reports.

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