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H.S. Dropouts Strongly Affected by Poor Early Reading Skills, Study Says

Students who struggled with reading in early elementary school grew up to comprise 88 percent of those who did not receive a high school diploma, according to a new study.

This new report highlights the need for effective strategies to help struggling readers regain lost ground.

Merit Software has a strong track record of helping older students build the reading and language skills necessary to graduate from high school. Merit is one of only a handful of educational products that has been demonstrated to improve student test scores in reading and writing skills.

Unlike most software used in schools, Merit is not drill and practice. Merit gives students instruction in core curriculum skills while automatically tracking student progress.

With Merit, students apply skills as they learn them, receiving clear explanations when they encounter troublesome concepts. Merit gets students thinking and builds their confidence as scholars.

Merit programs fit into a variety of curriculum and classroom structures. They are offered in several different configurations and pricing options. Teachers can implement the classroom organization and curriculum that best fit their students’ needs. The programs are designed for students reading at grade three level and above.

Merit can be used with small groups or large classes and it aligns with state and local curriculum standards. Students begin working at a suitable level of challenge. They advance as they demonstrate readiness. Instruction is differentiated to accommodate a variety of skill levels.

Lower level students have been shown to make striking gains with the software. It is also affordable and easy to implement. For administrators working with a limited budget, Merit Software is an ideal option.

The study “Double Jeopardy: How Third-Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation,”