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Helping Long Term English Language Learners

A newly published report claims that English-language learners academic progress is jeopardized because of flaws in California’s English-language programs.

The study found that the majority of long-term English-language learners in California schools are native born and prefer English and are also orally bilingual.

However, nearly 60% of English-language learners in California’s high schools have failed to become proficient in English despite more than six years of a U.S. education, says the report?s sponsor – Californians Together, a coalition of 22 parent, professional and civil rights organizations.

“The situation is alarming and urgent,” said Laurie Olsen, the study’s author. “These kids are a large part of our future. But if we don’t have programs that powerfully bring them into English, we’re going to end up increasingly with a state of kids who are undereducated.”

The report calls for new data collection systems to monitor long-term English language learners and better teacher training and curriculum.

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