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Helping Students in Low-Performing High Schools Transition to College

Experts and educators say the transition to college can be difficult for first-generation collegians and students from struggling inner-city schools, according to a recent Washington Post article.

The transition to college was difficult said one D.C. graduate because she didn’t have to write very much in high school. The student, who was her class valedictorian, explains: “I didn’t really research anything.”

Her high school English classes largely dealt with the basics such as summarizing story plots and learning how to write complete and grammatically correct sentences.

Educators rarely require original thinking, or teach students how to craft an argument until 10th grade, said a D.C. AP English teacher.

Students agreed, almost universally, that writing is a significant challenge when they get to college.

This is where Merit’s Punch writing programs fit in.

Merit writing software is used in K-12 schools to supplement instruction, as well as colleges to prepare students for freshman English classes.

The Punch writing programs guide students through the writing process. Students learn to write clear and concise paragraphs or essays. They brainstorm their own original ideas and learn to write their own arguments and opinions.

Built-in hints and tips support writers at every step. Student writing is automatically stored in a management component that enables teachers to view pupil work.

The Punch writing programs meet the challenges of diverse levels of students.

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