How a Working Mother Uses Ed Tech to Augment at Home Learning During Covid-19

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I’ve been using online learning for my children even before Covid-19 happened.

So, during social distancing/home-based learning period, it was not difficult for us to leverage on ed tech to enable learning even more, particularly when schools closed, and children had to study from home.

We use different online products for different subjects. Ed tech helps augment day to day learning, especially with specific areas I want to address that require consistent practice.

For example, targeted areas in reading comprehension (English), certain topics in math etc. Online products that I use for these targeted learning typically have the capacity for self-marking (given that I am a working mother) and/or are AI enabled to help me track progress.

I find my kids prefer the immediate feedback that comes with the automated marking too. That said, online products are less able to help with things like creative writing or compositions. A blended approach is usually helpful for Math problem sums or open-ended Science questions, as well.

Merit online works for us for some reasons and I found it’s been more helpful for us than some other products. I like how it scaffolds reading comprehension skills; my 10-year-old son struggles with certain aspects of it. However, it is quite skewed towards American contexts. It’s not problematic but as you can imagine, it’s difficult for children to connect with certain culture/country-specific questions that are asked.


How a Working Mother Uses Ed Tech to Augment at Home Learning During Covid-19
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