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How to Improve Teenage Reading Scores

Reading scores for 17 teen year olds have not improved since the 1970’s according to the NAEP (Nation’s Assessment of Educational Progress) released last month.

Scores have improved for 9 and 13 year olds, but the gains have been small.

The report also provides data showing students who read for fun, tend to have higher reading scores.

In a recent Atlanta Journal Constitution blog post a middle school principal laments that a school wide reading program has only, for the most part, attracted girls.

Clearly, secondary schools must provide more English Language Arts support to struggling students.

This is where Merit Software can fit in.

Merit covers a wide range of reading and writing skills. The software is self-paced, and adaptive. Students advance as they demonstrate readiness.nnMerit provides immediate instructional feedback, and built-in scoring features for teachers and students.

Read the 2013 NAEP report.

Click here to read the Atlanta Journal Constitution blog post.

Learn more about Merit Software here.