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Improving Mothers’ Reading Skills May Be Best Way to Boost Children’s Achievement

Programs to boost the academic achievement of children from low-income neighborhoods would be more successful if they simultaneously taught reading skills to parents, according to a new large scale research study.

After the reading level of mothers, neighborhood income level was the next largest determinant of children?s academic achievement, observed analysts in a study funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and published in a recent edition of Demography.

The researchers undertook the study to isolate factors contributing to the disparity in academic achievement observed between children in low-income and affluent neighborhoods.

Merit Software reading programs have long been used by both adults and by children in late elementary and secondary schools to improve basic literacy skills.

Merit programs are effective because they provide personal, immediate, descriptive feedback to learners. Users learn strategies that they can apply to subsequent after using the programs.

Additionally, Merit?s new web-based programs provide flexibility to deliver content at multiple locations to suit the needs of a variety of users.

Learn more about the study at the NIHCD web site.