Manageable and Effective Tools to Mitigate Reading/English Learning Loss

Merit reading comprehension and writing programs have a strong track record of mitigating learning loss.  The software, which is backed by evidence-based research, is liked by students and is easy for teachers to use.

Vulnerable subgroups such as special needs students, English learners, and low-income pupils have benefited from using Merit. Why?:

  • Programs are engaging, yet not childish.
  • Built-in feedback supports students while they work.
  • Teachers get up to speed quickly with intuitive placement, tracking, and assignment tools.
  • Expert implementation support from Merit staffers.

Merit is commonly used for:

  • Remediation
  • Summer learning
  • Afterschool programs
  • In-class activities
  • Curbing dropouts
  • Career and college readiness


About Merit Software

Since 1983, Merit Software has been producing educational software that addresses the core competencies that students need to succeed with a focus on strengthening reading and communication skills. Merit Software’s innovative learning programs include context-sensitive tutorials providing real-world student instruction and convenient records management features to aid teachers, tutors, parents, and self-learners.  Visit to learn more.


Manageable and Effective Tools to Mitigate Reading/English Learning Loss
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