Merit Software Review – Grammar Fitness

I am a grade 6, 7 and 8 middle school English language arts teacher at Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle School.  My co-teacher and I have purchased Grammar Fitness Levels 3 and 4 for the past 3 years.  We have found it to be an excellent tool for increasing achievement in mechanics. The students love using the program, and the ability to challenge themselves.

The first class we used Grammar Fitness with are now sophomores. These students have come back to tell us how much they remember from the program and the skills they were able to transfer into their writing assignments.  The interactive nature of the program made one of the least exciting aspects of language arts, one of the more inviting and challenging aspects for our students.

Our current students look forward to using the program in class. Total engagement, the instant feedback of complete explanations, and the chatter we hear when they get something wrong and say to a friend, “Did you know that?” They remember it the next time. Perfect, that is what we, as their teachers, want.

In fact, the best part for us is that we know when the unit is complete, they have mastered those skills.  And unlike some other programs, they do remember what they learned. The silly “Awesome”, “Wow” and other pop ups when a test is finished makes them chuckle.

We also would like to thank your support staff.  Your team has assisted with the set up of the program, and answered all our questions, and concerns with patience and kindness. This is another reason why we will continue to purchase your program in the future.

We realize companies usually only hear from people when there is a problem, we wanted to make sure you knew what high regard we have for your product and your personnel.


Muriel Pawlik
Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle School

Merit Software Review – Grammar Fitness

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