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Merit upgrades to new servers

Merit Software is pleased to announce that it recently completed server upgrades to its Merit Online Learning platform.

The upgrades have moved Merit Online to a new cloud-hosting platform on which the software runs at least three times faster than before. Many issues that had affected students’ ability to use the programs were also addressed and fixed.

As Merit Online attracts more users, the company wants to expand its infrastructure capabilities. By upgrading the servers, the company has taken steps toward meeting the needs of students, who use the software in a variety of educational settings.

About Merit Software:

Since 1983, Merit Software has been producing educational software that addresses the core competencies that students require to succeed. The emphasis is on strengthening students’ ability to read, analyze data, and communicate their ideas. Merit Software’s programs are known throughout the industry for providing context-sensitive tutorials for students, and convenient record management features to aid teachers, tutors, and parents. Visit https://www.meritsoftware.com to examine the company’s library of educational applications, currently being used in thousands of educational facilities worldwide.

Merit’s educational software has been the subject of rigorous, independent, scientific-based research. These studies have concluded that Merit’s software provides an effective supplement to everyday instruction. Research findings are available on https://www.meritsoftware.com/research/.