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More College Prep Help Needed for U.S. Students

According to a new study published by ACT, Inc. the percentage of U.S. high school graduates ready to earn at least a ?C? or higher in first-year college courses was only 23 percent in 2009

Still too many high school graduates cannot adequately perform some of the essential college-ready skills in English, writing, reading, mathematics, and/or science, according to a new report from the publishers of the ACT college entrance exam.

In writing, for example, approximately 40 percent of 2009 ACT-tested graduates were not able to use the correct adverb or adjective form in a sentence, use the correct preposition in a phrase, or make sure that the subject and verb agree in a sentence.

In reading, 30 percent of the graduates were unable to evaluate the contribution that significant details make to the text as a whole.

And, in math, nearly 40 percent of the 2009 graduates could not solve multi-step problems involving fractions and percentages.

ACT?s research shows these types of skills are needed by students to be ready for college and work.

Merit Software has been used successfully in many college preparation programs to help teach each of these skills.