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New Research Points to Benefits of Reading on Digital Devices

Even as e-readers are growing in popularity as convenient alternatives to paper books, it is becoming more and more apparent that convenience is not their only benefit.

E-readers can make reading easier for those with dyslexia

Researchers at the Smithsonian have found that when e-readers are set up to display only a few words per line, some people with dyslexia can read more easily, quickly, and with greater comprehension. Using short lines on an e-reader can alleviate many issues associated with dyslexia.

Older adults read more easily on digital devices

Reading text on digital devices like tablet computers actually requires less effort from older adults than reading on paper, according to a new study. The ability to digitally adjust text size and the backlighting on tablet computers contribute to the benefits.

Benefits of using digital devices are not limited to dyslexic students and older adults. Clearly, struggling readers can benefit from more digital support.

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