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New Tools Boost Educational Achievement While Saving Money and Resources

Merit has now made it easier and more affordable for educational organizations to increase academic achievement.

Effective immediately, Merit’s subscription-based, online learning programs allow tutors and teachers to drop and add students, at no cost.

Previously, organizations had to guess about the number of students who might use the program when they made their budgets. Use of seats was lost if students transferred or switched classes.

A wide variety of organizations are now using Merit to support reading and writing instruction for different purposes. Typical Merit customers include K-12 classrooms, public libraries, English language learning schools, vocational training centers, and community colleges.

This increased flexibility reflects the real-world use of Merit?s subscription skill building programs. Key features have been designed based on input from educators who use Merit frequently and for different purposes.

These new flexible web subscriptions make Merit more affordable and simpler to manage.

Pupil work on Merit’s web subscription service is automatically stored in an easy-to-use reporting system that allows instructors and students to track time-on-task and assess improvement.

Products available on the Merit online learning platform include: