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Open Punch Beta Program

Merit Software is seeking a limited number of beta users for a new online writing instruction program.

Open Punch helps students learn to write paragraphs on Narrative, Fact-Based, or Opinion topics. Instructors may assign their own writing prompts (within certain parameters). Merit trainers are available to assist with this process.

Open Punch is a 100% web based learning tool with built-in tracking! It is platform independent and is accessible with popular browsers such as IE, Firefox, and Safari. iPad and Android tablets also run the program.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Merit Software.


The program orients students to think about the purpose of the paragraph to be written. Students are guided to enter an appropriate topic to write about. Using words or phrases, not sentences, students put their ideas about the topic they have chosen into the Pre-Writing Notepad. Students choose a word or phrase from the Pre-Writing Notepad and use it in a sentence. While students check their work, the program encourages them to improve their writing by using the revising tools: Add, Change text, Remove, or Move. Student writing is automatically stored online, making it easy for instructors to view and check work.