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Secrets the Big Online Education Companies Don?t Want You to Know

Online credit recovery courses are big business for education companies. Unfortunately, they may not deliver on promises to schools and students.

These programs enable students to take courses in a variety of subjects to “recover” credits lost and receive a high school diploma faster than they might in a traditional classroom setting.

Critics claim many recovery courses are not rigorous and cheating is a problem.

Plus, an evaluation of what happens afterward to compare the effectiveness of online credit recovery courses to traditional courses is years away, writes Jay Matthews of the Washington Post.

While credit recovery might work in certain circumstances, we, at Merit, feel what the U.S. really needs is a scalable, affordable platform to teach students how to read well enough to succeed in school.

The Merit online learning platform and its new reading comprehension programs are a step in the right direction and available for educators everywhere to use now.

Merit has been making reading and writing intervention software for more than 25 years. Merit programs are backed by rigorous research. They are widely used in high schools, community colleges, and adult learning environments.

New-to-market features in Merit web-based products minimize many issues that impact customers who have used Windows or Macintosh installed software. The company handles all required updates, and students may use the programs anytime, anywhere.

Merit covers a broad range of skills and concepts from a 3rd through 11th grade reading level. The programs are self-paced and adaptive. There is enough material to keep students engaged for an entire school year.

Plus, inputs are automatically logged while students’ work. Tracking over a long time span makes it more difficult for students to cheat.

Schools may choose to pilot, or try out, Merit web-based programs with their students. Merit believes instructors should see for themselves how its web-based software could help students improve their skills and succeed in school.

Mathews writes that online credit recovery courses are half of a $2 billion industry. To get more for their money, schools should make sure their students are ready to do the work.

Online credit recovery may make graduation too easy” by Jay Mathews, Washington Post.

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