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Should Computers Grade Writing?

An evaluation of eight computerized essay scoring programs shows some promise when compared to scoring by humans. Does this mean computers should be used to grade writing?

The new U.S. Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, which incorporate writing across the curriculum as a central factor, have increased the urgency in this question. Thousands of educators are now wondering how they can handle this task efficiently.

The evaluation indicates scoring programs may be helpful in some circumstances. However, none of the computerized programs can evaluate student knowledge in a text.

Merit Software’s writing programs have taken a different approach. Merit uses the power of computing to:

  • help students brainstorm their ideas
  • provide editing suggestions
  • enable discussions and collaborations

Merit’s writing programs are easily adaptable to most U.S. upper elementary, middle schools, and high school curricula. Free online training helps ensure success.

Artificial intelligence experts say that, eventually, scoring programs will be able to determine real knowledge in a text. Until that day occurs, smart educators are choosing to work with Merit Software.

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