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Should grammar be taught in the classroom?

The National Curriculum Board of Australia has recently proposed that traditional English and grammar lessons be reinstated in school classrooms to address a deterioration in writing skills. See the report on ABC News.

The recommendation comes after complaints from universities and business that students lack the most basic knowledge.

Many businesses and colleges, along with parents and self-motivated students, have purchased and used Merit writing and grammar software to fill this void.

Mastery of grammar and language is essential for success in school and on the job. In school, a command of grammar improves students’ ability to understand concepts and to communicate their ideas.

The most popular resources are Essay Punch, Paragraph Punch and Grammar Fitness.

In most jobs, good verbal and written communication skills are essential. In the corporate world, for example, where communication is often via email, poor grammar and language skills are exposed immediately.

In job interviews as well as social interactions, command of grammar and language signals a person’s level of education and competency.

What do you think? Have you seen a decline in grammar and language skills? Should traditional English and grammar lessons be reinstated in the curriculum? Share your thoughts with us.