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The Key to Success for Students in Writing

There is a high correlation to student key presses on a computer and high writing scores, according to an analysis of the first U.S. national computerized writing assessment – the NAEP for Writing.

Key presses occur when students employ any activity related to writing on a computer, including typing text, tapping a trackpad, or using keyboard shortcuts.

The number of key presses and length of response were not criteria used in scoring students’ writing.

Merit’s Punch Writing programs have a strong track record of helping students develop clear, concise written works. The programs guide pupils through the writing process, providing hints and tips at every step of the way.

Brainstorming activities provided in the Punch programs build learners’ confidence to express themselves in writing.

In addition, the Punch programs’ editing and revising suggestions give students different ideas on how to express their thoughts.

Full-working samples, implementation ideas, and pricing may be found on each of the Punch programs’ web pages.

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