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U.S. Teens Need Writing Help

Only 27 percent of U.S. students achieved a proficient score on a nationwide writing test – the NAEP for Writing 2011. The test was the first nationwide writing test ever given on computers. Students in 8 th and 12th grades took it in 2011.

An analysis showed that the lower scoring writers made fewer key presses to both write and revise their work compared to higher scoring writers. Key presses were not a determining element in students’ writing scores.

Merit’s Punch Writing programs have a strong track record of helping students develop clear, concise written works. The programs guide pupils through the writing process, providing hints and tips at every step of the way.

The hints and tips facilitate the generation of ideas, revisions, and corrections as students’ write. Additional key presses are an inevitable result as students expand, elaborate, and refine their writing.

Plus, student writing is automatically stored in a convenient Online Portfolio. Teachers are easily able to view written work at different stages of development.

Full-working samples, implementation ideas, and pricing may be found on each of the Punch programs’ web pages.

Grammar Fitness is another tool that can improve students’ writing too. It provides interactive grammar practice, combined with progress tracking, to help students recognize and revise errors in their writing practice.