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What Is “Career Ready”?

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) released a paper earlier this month, ?What Is Career Ready?? The paper was created to broaden the discussion around the term “career readiness.”

Core academic skills, employability skills, and technical skills are three broad sets of skills students need to be career ready, say the authors of the report.

Students need to be able to apply academics in context, and some academic skills need more attention and development. For example, employers often cite deficiencies in English and written communications, such as memos, letters, and complex technical reports. Too often, these skills are not emphasized in traditional academic classrooms.

Not only are these skills not emphasized, many students have been advanced to higher grades without grasping the fundamentals they need for the workplace.

To keep up with their classmates, lagging students need to build and refresh their skills. These students need a way to build skills that is self-paced, self-advancing, and provides practice, depth, support, and reinforcement.

Many educators have turned to Merit Software to help students learn and practice core academic skills they need for career readiness.

Specifically, programs like Business Letter Punch and Reading Strategies for Career Success provide opportunities to help students learn academics in context.