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Newsletter Archive

— 2015 —

November 2015: Expanding Educational Opportunities for Older Students

October 2015: Can the Rise of College Dropout Rates Be Stopped?

September 2015: Are K-12 Students Hurt by Computers in Schools?

August 2015: Desperate for Reading Help

July 2015: Improving Employability and Academic Skills

June 2015: Are Chinese Students Faltering in American Universities?

May 2015: Looking for Common Core Summer Skill Help This Summer?

April 2015: Helping More Students Achieve College Success

February 2015: Are Standardized Test Advocates Wrong?

January 2015: Comprehension Intervention for Gen Ed 4th- and 5th-Grades

— 2014 —

December 2014: Top 3 Newsletters of 2014

November 2014: New, Improved Editing Tools

October 2014: Leveling the Playing Field

September 2014: Can We Produce More Career-Ready Graduates?

August 2014: Updated Look to Merit Online!

June 2014: How You Can Capitalize on the New SAT

May 2014: New and Improved - Book Punch!

April 2014: Is Reading Comprehension Hurt by the Web?

March 2014: Need a Better Way to Improve Comprehension Skills?

February 2014: College Success Predictors

January 2014: Comprehension Intervention for High School

— 2013 —

November 2013: Truths Amidst the Common Core

October 2013: Improve College Readiness

September 2013: Surprising Benefits of Reading Digitally

August 2013: Finding Practical Resources for English

July 2013: Improving Teenage Reading Scores

June 2013: Improving College Prep In Inner-City Schools

May 2013: New Tools from Merit Software

April 2013: Spring Sale for Schools

March 2013: Motivating Students with Merit Software

February 2013: Creating an Immersive Environment for ELLs

January 2013: Advantages to Using Web-Based Reading Skills Software

— 2012 —

December 2012: Using Ed-Tech to Strengthen Student Writing

November 2012: New Suggestions to Improve Writing Skills

October 2012: Alternative Methods to Boost College Success

September 2012: New Suggestions to Improve Writing Skills

August 2012: New Tools for the 2012-2013 School Year

July 2012: Should Computers Grade Writing?

June 2012: New Release: Complete English Web Suite

May 2012: New, Web Editions of Merit Comprehension Programs Launched

April 2012: Secrets Big Online Education Companies Don't Want You to Know

March 2012: New, Web-Based Reading Comprehension Software

February 2012: Common Core English Help Available Now

January 2012: New Teaching Tool: Vocabulary Stretch Online

— 2011 —

December 2011: 5 Dollar Limited Time Offer

November 2011: Limited Offer: 5-5-25 Reading/Writing Improvement Plan

October 2011: New Report: Improving Writing Support

September 2011: SAT Reading Scores Decline Again, Now What?

August 2011: Your Feedback - Helping At-Risk Learners

July 2011: New English Online Web Suites

June 2011: Improving College Readiness

May 2011: 32 Tips for Teaching Grammar and Writing

April 2011: New, Web-Based Reading Comprehension Program

March 2011: Helping a College Student Pass the English Requirement

February 2011: Helping a Classroom Teacher to be More Effective

January 2011: Stronger Reading, Writing Help Needed

— 2010 —

November 2010: New English Vocabulary Teaching Tool

October 2010: Can Innovation Improve College Readiness?

September 2010: Surprising Study Habits That Work

August 2010: Literacy Improvement in the New Economy

June 2010: Helping Long Term English Language Learners

May 2010: New E-Learning Grammar Teaching Tool

April 2010: Helping Students Improve Career Readiness

March 2010: Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant Guidelines

February 2010: Is There More Than One Achievement Gap?

— 2009 —

December 2009: Can Reading Interventions Change Students' Brains?

November 2009: Do Adult Learners Benefit from Technology?

October 2009: Does Making Mistakes Help Students?

September 2009: Adolescent Literacy, Action Needed

August 2009: More College Prep Help Needed for U.S. Students

July 2009: Tips for Getting Ed-Tech Funds

June 2009: Help Prevent the Summer Slide

May 2009: Is English Language Instruction Just to Pass Tests?

April 2009: Narrowing the Achievement Gap, The High Cost of Failure

March 2009: Special Education, Should It Get Stimulus Money?

February 2009: How to Raise Student Achievement, Leverage Existing Resources

January 2009: Helping English Language Learners in the Classroom

— 2008 —

December 2008: How Can We Improve Teacher Quality?

November 2008: Should Grammar Be Taught in the Classroom?

October 2008: New Online, Interactive, Writing Skills Teaching Tool

September 2008: Classroom Strategies That Improve Comprehension

August 2008: Students Denied Equal Educational Opportunities

July 2008: Improving Special Education Instruction

June 2008: Education on a Tight Budget

May 2008: Reading Comprehension Debate Rekindled

April 2008: Improving High School Graduation Rates

March 2008: New Online Writing Programs Introduced

February 2008: Closing the Achievement Gap

— 2007 —

December 2007: Does Reading Matter?

November 2007: New Reading and Writing Web Site:

October 2007: High School Exit Exam Help

September 2007: Reading Help for Older Students

August 2007: 10 Secrets the Educational Software Industry Does Not Want You to Know

June 2007: Summer Reading Help Suggestions

May 2007: Department of Education Wants to Know What You Think

April 2007: Effective Reading Programs: The Six Missing Pieces

March 2007: New Tools for English Language Learners

February 2007: Research Grants for Learning Technologies

January 2007: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing

— 2006 —

December 2006: Closing the Achievement Gap

October 2006: Technology in Schools: What the Research Says

September 2006: High School Exit Exams: Best Practices

August 2006: Students Make Gains on High-Stakes Test

May 2006: Minority Test Scores Improve Using Merit Software

April 2006 issue: TESOL Conference Report

March 2006 issue: Preparing High School Students for College Level Work

February 2006 issue: New Teaching Tool for English Language Learners

January 2006 issue: At-Risk Students Make Long Term Gains

— 2005 —

November 2005 issue: Grammar Tools for Teachers

October 2005 issue: Why Kids Don't Get Math

September 2005 issue: Science Reading for College Prep

August 2005 issue: NAEP Emphasizes Skills Taught by Merit Software

June 2005 issue: Recommendations for High School Students

May 2005 issue: New SAT Writing Requirement Help

April 2005 issue: New College Prep Reading Software

March 2005 issue: New Vocabulary Building Software

February 2005 issue: New Software for Beginning Readers

January 2005 issue: Merit Reading Software Improves Reading Comprehension, Says Top Research Journal

— 2004 —

December 2004 issue: Resources for Special Education Students

November 2004 issue: Effective Activities for English Language Learners

October 2004 issue: Strengthen Students' Paragraph Writing Skills!

September 2004 issue: Effective Math Software: Teaching Tools That Work!

August 2004 issue: Essay Writing Tips for Every Student

June 2004 issue: Merit Software Offers Free Update to the Teacher Program Manager Version 8.1

May 2004 issue: Reading Comprehension Software Cited by California Learning Resource Network

April 2004 issue: Study Shows Merit Reading Programs Increase Test Scores With Just 6 Hours of Use

March 2004 issue: New Reading and Writing Software, Grants for U.S. Educators

February 2004 issue: Intermediate Skills Pack for U.S. grade levels 5 - 8

January 2004 issue: Reading Comprehension Booster

— 2003 —

December 2003 issue: ESL Intermediate Solutions

November 2003 issue: Essay Punch is a Media & Methods Magazine 2003 Awards Portfolio Winner

October 2003 issue: Grammar Software Students Enjoy Using

September 2003 issue: Merit Writing Skills Software Cited by California Learning Resource Network

August 2003 issue: College Prep and Reading Skills Software

June 2003 issue: California Learning Resource Network Cites Algebra Shape-Up

May 2003 issue: Essay Punch Honored by Media & Methods Magazine

April 2003 issue: Study Concludes Tutorial Software Improves Writing Skills by 12.91%

March 2003 issue: Sharpen Students' Grammar Skills

February 2003 issue: Starter Punch - New Writing Software

January 2003 issue: Solutions for Special Ed and Resources for ESL

— 2002 —

December 2002 issue: Improve Students' Essays, Top Choice Software

November 2002 issue: Boost Students' Basic Skills, Meet Accountability Challenges with Improved Data Management

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