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Provides access to a wide range of popular Merit online learning reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar programs.

Designed for students reading at a 3rd through 12th grade level. The program is appropriate for English language learners, students with learning disabilities, as well as for adult learners and college preparation.

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Complete English Web Suite

  • A motivational format helps set achievable learning goals. All learners experience success
  • Students progress at their own pace; they receive personal help and feedback while they work
  • Instructors are able to track improvement and scores through an easy-to-use online management tool

Reading Comprehension
Concepts covered:

  • Receive targeted reading practice
  • Acquire vocabulary through context
  • Draw conclusions based on relevant information
  • Find main idea in a text
  • Comprehension of non-fiction passages
  • Ascertain author’s purpose

Concepts covered:

  • Learn to recognize and correct common errors in word usage
  • Gain familiarity with commonly confused words
  • Improve knowledge of root words, origins, and meanings
  • Develop academic vocabulary

Concepts covered:

  • Punctuation
  • Tenses
  • Usage
  • Irregular noun plurals
  • Dangling modifiers
  • Split constructions
  • Faulty parallelism

Concepts covered:

  • Use pre-writing strategies
  • Write clear, descriptive sentences
  • Organize ideas
  • Develop paragraphs and essays
  • Practice proofreading
Complete English Web Suite

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