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Teachers assign writing topics based on personal tastes, timely events, or in response to texts student have read. The program helps students write clear and concise responses in a paragraph format.

Designed for students in grades 4 through 8 (ages 9 and up). English language learners may use the program, as well as special needs pupils and adult learners.

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Open-Punch, Skill Levels 4 – 8

  • Differentiates instruction; moves students ahead as they demonstrate readiness.
  • Pupils receive immediate, personal help throughout.
  • Reusable modules, applicable to a variety of texts and assignments.
  • Teachers can monitor pupils’ progress, records, and time-on-task

Students will …

  • Use pre-writing strategies for different writing tasks.
  • Write clear descriptive sentences.
  • Focus writing on a central idea or topic.
  • Use supporting ideas, detail, and facts to develop and elaborate on a topic.
  • Proofread to correct conventional errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.

Interactive Writing Modules:

  • Opinion: Present a Point of View
  • Fact: Inform and Explain
  • Narrative: Tell a Story
Open Punch®

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