Vocabulary Super Stretch


Enriches English vocabulary through a variety of activities combined with built-in supports including abstract words used in academic texts.

Designed for general curriculum use in grades 9 through 11, the program may be used for college prep and by advanced English language learners.

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Vocabulary Super Stretch Series:
Level 1: Skill levels 9 – 10
Level 2: Skill levels 10 – 11

  • Self-paced and self-advancing; moves students ahead as they demonstrate readiness
  • Pupils receive immediate, personal help throughout
  • Teachers can monitor pupils’ progress and time-on-task through an easy-to-use online portfolio

Students will …

  • Gain effective word recognition skills
  • Improve command of academic English

Among the words covered:

Level 1: Complement, Compliment, Afflict, Indefatigable, Correspond, Irony, Ingenuous, and Evince

Level 2: Recapitulate, Abdicate, Supercilious, Microcosm, Circumspect, Attrition, Venerate, and Implicit

Vocabulary Super Stretch

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