Why Merit Gets Results

Merit Software gives everyone involved — teachers, tutors, parents and students — the tools and opportunities to improve learning and to attain positive, measurable results.

The programs provide detailed coverage of the core competencies students require to succeed. Concepts in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary are covered from the basics to higher levels.
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Parents: You’re Almost There – Get Started with Merit in 9 Easy Steps:

1. Choose one or two programs to start with.  Several resources are available to help you find the right place to begin:


·       Solutions pages

·       Skills progression chart

·       Contact the Merit team to ask for personal advice


2. Assessments are built into Merit reading and grammar programs.  The assessments help determine the right level of challenge for students.  If a program you selected is too easy or too hard, contact the Merit team to help you adjust.


3. For the first few weeks assume each program should be used for 20 to 30 minutes once or twice a week, or 60 minutes in total.  If using two programs, keep usage under 120 minutes in total per week.  Overusing is counterproductive. 


4. Parents and Self-learners may use the Shop page to purchase immediate access to the programs selected to use.


5. Before placing a program in the cart select a time duration, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.  For first time users, 3 months is usually best.  You can renew and extend, if necessary, later.  All purchases are backed by a 30-day guarantee.


6. Immediately after checkout you will receive an activation link.   Click/tab on the link to set up your account and get access to the Merit programs you selected.


7. During the account set up process, parents set up a login for their students.  They also can choose to setup a login for themselves to view/monitor their students’ work.


8. After the account is setup, give the login details to your student, then ask them to go https://meritonlinelearning.com to get started.


9. Contact the Merit team to discuss student progress.  The team has helped countless numbers of students succeed with the programs.   No question is unimportant to ask.

How Merit Software Helps Parents

Our programs are self-paced and self-directed. Achievement is automatically tracked in an easy-to-use management system.
Great for home schooling families and parents who want to give their kids a boost.

Why This Is Different

As you might expect, many educational technology providers make very strong claims about what you can accomplish with their products. Certainly, other publishers have incorporated some of the same elements that can be found in Merit programs. read more

Free Tools to Boost Productivity

All Merit online learning programs include FREE tools to track and monitor student usage.
The Merit Online Learning system displays each user’s personalized home page with the accompanying management and tracking tools.

Featured Products

Reading Comprehension Booster
Helps students improve reading comprehension – on the web! Students receive practice in using basic reading improvement strategies. They work with interactive exercises to determine main idea, make inferences, and draw conclusions.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading
Helps students improve reading comprehension – on the web! Students receive hands-on practice in using basic reading improvement strategies that sharpen their critical thinking skills and develop their ability to make inferences.

Vocabulary Stretch
Helps students with word recognition, meanings, and origins. Students enrich their vocabulary through challenging activities such as matching words to ideas and completing crossword puzzles.

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