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Recommended Articles and Links

Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Step-by-Step Guide to Basic Essay Writing.

EduFly, a unique, ever-growing resource hub, constantly being improved upon and added to by you, the educator. Daily input from users of the popular education software WebWhacker, Education Edition insures that the hub is a dynamic reflection of today's top educational Web sites -- easily accessible by grade level, topic, or keyword. Whether your interests are in Math, Science, Language Arts, Art, Social Studies, History, or even Technology, you've only to open your browser to EduFly and let the wonder begin

The Math Forum
K-12 Math lesson Plans

Inspired Teacher Scholarships for Visual Learning
Thirty educator scholarships will be awarded to support the ongoing training in technology and visual learning of teachers across the United States.

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminars & Institutes
Rigorous, residential seminars and institutes in the humanities are available to educators who teach American K-12 students.