Merit Software Reviews


Merit Software Reviews              

Merit has been helping educators, students and families achieve educational success since 1983. Here are comments from some of our satisfied customers:

I have found Merit to have the best resources for my family’s needs. I needed a software program to help my 17-year old prepare for college reading and writing because she scored low on the SAT for reading comprehension and for essay writing. Merit’s programs helped my daughter get ready for college level coursework by the time she
graduated. Thank you.

My middle school child needed tracked practice with vocabulary. The school recommended Vocabulary Stretch
. It has been a great success.

My daughter is an English as a Second Language learner and has been having trouble with comprehension.
Additionally she has a little trouble with fractions. Merit has given my child more confidence in English and math.
I am hoping that it will give her more confidence language and math.

I needed to brush up on my essay skills. Merit has been a very good way to help me. Thank you.

The software offers a nice complement of material to our current English coursework program. Reasonable price, accessible, format requires computer literacy, good return policy, understandable scope and sequence. It’s a fun way to get practice with challenging but common problems with English mechanics, word use, spelling and vocabulary.


I was desperate before finding Merit reading programs. My son’s virtual school was not offering appropriate, measurable options to ensure my son progress through high school grades. Merit has helped a lot!


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