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Process Writing

Essay Punch

Including topics that help students to learn the fundamentals of persuasive and descriptive writing, this is the literacy workout that applies all of the process techniques of paragraph writing to the creation of a short essay, providing contextual help and feedback along the way.

Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8


per seat

  • Introduce claim or topic
  • Develop paragraphs with reasons, evidence
  • Use descriptive, precise language
  • Use transitions
  • Provide a conclusion
  • Effective research-based computer-assisted instruction: embedded cognitive strategies, e.g., repetition; rehearsal of content; paraphrasing; drawing inferences; use of illustrative examples
  • Student control over amount and sequence of work performed and extent of review needed, leading to increased mastery and improved attitude towards learning
  • Improvement of writing skills a. Recognition of points of difficulty and confusion b. Advancement at student’s own pace c. Scaffolding and enhancing comprehension
  • Generalization of skills to other contexts and situations, i.e., transferring these skills to other academic areas
  • Detailed class management via Merit Software record keeper a. Teacher can track and check students’ progress b. Teacher can track and intervene at points of difficulty c. Student records may be exported into spread-sheets 
  • Engages cognitive thinking and metacognitive strategies step by step
  • Supports constructivist learning by providing students with choices; decisions; multiple completion paths for writing tasks
  • Strengthens students’ abilities to interpret language-based concepts Fosters analysis and discrimination among response options
  • Provides a structure that students of all levels can use again and again to improve their skills
  • Effectively provides a multi-sensory approach
  • Teaches different ways to write an essay
  • Shapes further learning responses through interactive feedback


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