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Fraction Shape-Up
Helps students understand and work with fractions.

Fraction Shape-Up

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Introduces fraction concepts and helps students develop skills necessary for understanding and working with fractions.

Students start with an assessment and receive immediate instructional feedback throughout. Step-by-step tutorials, which introduce each unit, can be referred to during practice.

The program is self-paced and self-monitored. Students advance as they demonstrate readiness. Scores are tracked in a record management system that allows teachers to view and print detailed reports.

Designed for students in grades 3 through 5 (ages 8 and up), the software can also be used by older students.

“Students like using it.”
- Edison Middle School, Port Arthur, TX


Fraction Shape-Up, Math Levels 3 - 5

  • Contains 512 problems and 1,250 questions.
  • Contextual help and feedback engage students of all ages.
  • Students choose from a menu of reward animations and sounds.
  • All student work is stored in the Teacher Program Manager.

Students will...

  • Understand what fractions mean.
  • Name fractions.
  • Relate fraction notation to meaning.
  • Recognize common fractions.
  • Relate fractions to decimals and percents.
  • Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and back.
  • Make equivalent fractions.
  • Reduce fractions.
  • Compare and order fractions.
  • Add and subtract fractions.




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Fraction Shape-Up Software
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