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Process Writing

Writing software that teaches students the writing process. In each software program, students choose from a menu of topics, develop an idea, and create their own original work. Step-by-step prompts guide students through pre-writing, organizing, editing, and publishing.


Starter Paragraph Punch
Helps students learn different ways to write a basic paragraph - on the web!
Paragraph Punch Top Choice
Helps students learn different ways to write a paragraph - on the web!
Open Punch
Helps students brainstorm and write assignments - on the web!
Essay Punch
Helps students learn different ways to write a basic essay - on the web!

Merit Process Writing Software Resources and Tips

Based on feedback from customers, we have compiled several tips for teaching with our software.

When using our software, all student data is automatically collected by the Teacher Program Manager. As a result, teachers and tutors are easily able to track student progress.

The Teacher Program Manager comes free with the purchase of any Merit Software program.

Our software is designed on research based teaching methods. Read more about the research basis for Merit Software (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

We provide free evaluation versions of all of our software. The evaluation versions are full-working samples of the complete software programs.

To get the evaluation software, choose a program, then select "Try It!". Click the link that includes the text "Download an Evaluation Version."