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TOEFL Prep Bundle
Covers the key problem areas on the TOEFL exam

TOEFL Prep Bundle

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Helps students complete the requirements for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.

The programs contain a wide variety of interactive learning activities that have been effective in advancing students reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills relevant to TOEFL success.

The bundle will familiarize students with the type of content they will see on the exam. Lessons are self-paced and self-correcting. Voice support is available with most of the programs.

Student scores are tracked in a record management system that allows instructors and students to view results and print reports.

“Few programs are appropriate for adults and Merit is great for this. It's excellent for adult education.”
- Harford Community College, Bel Air, MD


Concepts covered:

  • Determine main idea of passages
  • Identify sequence of details in reading passages
  • Draw inferences from text
  • Draw conclusions by choosing salient information from text
  • Understand vocabulary from context by choosing contextual clues
  • Increase vocabulary recognition
  • Differentiate between fact and opinion
  • Recall facts and details
  • Understand, analyze, and interpret written materials based on work-related topics

Structure / Writing
Concepts covered include:

  • Build knowledge of English language grammar
  • Recognize common errors in word usage
  • Understand parts of speech
  • Practice proper use of verb tenses
  • Recognize problems in sentence structure
  • Practice grammar in conversational form
  • Work on grammar in a single-concept or mixed-practice format
  • Write clear and descriptive sentences
  • Express ideas coherently and fluently in paragraph form
  • Improve writing style and sentence structure
  • Improve word choice
  • Proofread for punctuation and spelling
  • Save and publish finished work

Concepts covered include

  • Learn proper pronunciation and intonation of North American English
  • Listen to words, sentences, passages, questions, and help messages
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of vocabulary words

All versions of this Merit Software Windows 2000/2003/XP program require 8 MB RAM and 32 MB hard disk space. This program requires a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may run this program in Windows XP mode.




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What's Included

TOEFL Prep Bundle consists of the following titles:


Structure / Writing


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The TOEFL Prep Bundle consists of 8 separate software programs that have been effective in preparing students for the TOEFL exam.

Evaluation versions of all of the programs may be downloaded by clicking the 'Download Demo' link for the corresponding program (each program approximately 10 MB).


Structure / Writing:

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10 Stations: Networkable $8,215.00 Use on a network with 10 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students
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All versions of Merit programs come with the Teacher Program Manager which allows for student record keeping.