Vocabulary Software

Interactive vocabulary software with built-in hints and tips, as well as embedded tracking, while students work


Titles are listed in order of difficulty – easiest first

Interactive, online English vocabulary exercises.

Helps students master commonly misused words.

Provides immediate feedback while students’ work.

Monitors learners’ progress, time-on-task.

Vocabulary Stretch Top Choice

Builds knowledge of word origins, recognition, and meanings – on the web!

Best program to help learners improve their vocabulary.

Covers vocabulary used in academic texts.

Supplies personal, immediate feedback for students.

Each level covers 30 to 36 confused word pairs
(or trios in some cases)

High interest material engage students of all ages

Explanations for correct answers whether
responses are right or wrong

Students’ scores may be monitored while they work
with an easy-to-use tracking tool

Merit ResourceS and tips

Based on feedback from customers, we have compiled several tips for teaching with our software.

When using our software, all student data is automatically collected by the Teacher Program Manager. As a result, teachers and tutors
are easily able to track student progress.

The Teacher Program Manager comes free with the purchase of any Merit Software program.

Our software is designed on research based teaching methods. Read more about the research basis for Merit Software (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).


We provide free evaluation versions of all of our software. The evaluation versions are full-working samples of the complete software

To get the evaluation software, choose a program, then select “Try It!”. Click the link that includes the text “Download an
Evaluation Version.”


In-depth Instruction – Provides a structured and supportive environment that enables college prep students to apply skills while they are learning.

Intensive Concentration
 – When students encounter areas of difficulty, they can choose to access several forms of assistance. Explanations, tips, examples, and options to retry skills maximize learning opportunities.

Personalized Feedback – Context-sensitive tips help college prep students accept responsibility for their weaknesses and build their confidence as learners.

Automatic Scoring – Teachers are able to quickly measure student areas of concern, using our Teacher Program Manager, and plan lessons in response to specific needs.

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Free Tools to Boost Productivity

All Merit online learning programs include FREE tools to track and monitor student usage.
The Merit Online Learning system displays each user’s personalized home page with the accompanying management and tracking tools.

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