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Writing For Business
Guides students in writing effective paragraphs useful in the business world.

Writing For Business

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Choosing from a menu of topics, students develop an idea into a paragraph, as they write their own topic sentence, body and conclusion.

The program prompts students step by step, from pre-writing to a finished paragraph.

Teachers can monitor their students progress in the record management system.

The questions, answers and explanations of the programs can be spoken aloud.

Designed for students in grades 9 through 11 (ages 14 and up), the software can also be used by English language learners and adult students.

“Winner of the Best Teaching Utility Award”


Writing For Business, Skill Levels 9 - 11

  • The program contains 15 writing topics and 1,598 help prompts to
    guide students through each step in the writing process.
  • Students choose from a menu of reward animations and sounds.
  • Contextual help and feedback throughout.
  • All student work is stored in the Teacher Program Manager.
  • Content can be spoken aloud by using the Merit Text Talker.

Students will...

  • Use pre-writing strategies for different writing tasks.
  • Write clear descriptive sentences.
  • Focus writing on a central idea or topic.
  • Use supporting ideas, details, and facts to develop and elaborate on a topic.
  • Proofread to correct conventional errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.




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Writing For Business Software
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This program includes:

Teacher Program Manager
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All versions of this Merit Software Windows 2000/2003/XP program require 8 MB RAM and 32 MB hard disk space. This program requires a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may run this program in Windows XP mode.


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Home Version $69.00 Use on one computer. Record keeping for 2 students
1 Station: Stand-alone $175.00 Use on one computer. Record keeping for 42 students
5 Pack: 1 Station: Stand-alone $625.00 Use a 1 Station: Stand-alone version on up to 5 separate computers (non-networkable)
5 Stations: Networkable $1,095.00 Use on a network with 5 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students
10 Stations: Networkable $1,865.00 Use on a network with 10 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students
Site License Contact Us Use on a network with more than 10 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students

All versions of Merit programs come with the Teacher Program Manager which allows for student record keeping.