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Writing Mechanics – Grammar

Grammar software that teaches students proper writing mechanics,
usage and punctuation. The software provides hands-on instruction
to help them learn essential grammar concepts.


Grammar Fitness Online Edition – Basic
Web-based, interactive basic grammar program with progress tracking!
Grammar Fitness Online Edition – Intermediate Top Choice
Helps students master troublesome points of grammar – on the web!
Grammar Fitness Online Edition – Advanced
Interactive, online advanced grammar lessons with student tracking!

Merit Writing Mechanics and Grammar Software Resources and Tips

Based on feedback from customers, we have compiled several tips
for teaching
with our software.

When using our software, all student data is automatically collected
by the Teacher Program Manager. As a result, teachers and tutors
are easily able to track student progress.

The Teacher Program Manager comes free with the purchase of any
Merit Software program.

Our software is designed on research based teaching methods. Read more about the research basis for Merit Software (Adobe
Acrobat Reader required).

We provide free evaluation versions of all of our software. The
evaluation versions are full-working samples of the complete software

To get the evaluation software, choose a program, then select
“Try It!”. Click the link that includes the text “Download an
Evaluation Version.”