ESL Advanced Bundled Software

Focused instruction for students, convenient record management for teachers. Covers the skills that students learning English need for success in colleges and universities worldwide.

Complete English Web Suite Access to a wide range of popular Merit online learning reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar programs.
Intensive Reading Web Suite Interactive reading comprehension activities that get results!
English College Prep Web Suite Online English College Prep Software That Works!
Vocabulary Stretch

Vocabulary Stretch Online Edition

Builds knowledge of word origins, recognition, and meanings - on the web!


In-depth Instruction

Provides a structured and supportive environment that enables college prep students to apply skills while they are learning.

Intensive Concentration

When students encounter areas of difficulty, they can choose to access several forms of assistance. Explanations, tips, examples, and options to retry skills maximize learning opportunities.

Personalized Feedback

Context-sensitive tips help college prep students accept responsibility for their weaknesses and build their confidence as learners.

Automatic Scoring

Teachers are able to quickly measure student areas of concern, using our Teacher Program Manager, and plan lessons in response to specific needs.

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