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Attention: Individual Learners and Families

You are almost there!  Start now with Merit in 6 easy steps: 

Get ready to experience:

  • Step-by-step, direct instruction to insure success
  • Personal feedback while students work
  • Automatic tracking and progress monitoring
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1. Choose a program to start with.  Use one of the links below:


2. Parents, guardians,  tutors, and self-learners may use the Add to Cart button on each product page to purchase immediate access any program.

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3. Immediately after you checkout you will receive an activation link. Click/tab on the link to set up your account and get access to the Merit programs you selected. 

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4. During the account set up process, you will set up a login for their students. If you are a parent or tutor you may also choose to setup a login for yourself to view/monitor your students’ work.

Create Your Account

5.  After your account is setup, give the login details to your student. All users go to https://meritonlinelearning.com to get started.

Start Working

6. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the shopping cart, activation process, or using the programs.

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Merit Online Learning Tools by Name

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The tryout version offers the following benefits:

  • Full-working samples of the activities of the program.
  • Unlimited period of use.

Buy the full version to unlock even more features:

  • Save and resume work.
  • Access lots more content.
  • View student work online.