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Teaching Tips for Business Letter Punch

Sample One (1) Hour Assignment – best done over two or three 20 to 30 minute blocks of time

  • Direct students in the Merit Online Learning platform to go to “Writing” and choose a Business Letter Punch-Complaint and Responsetopic that interests them (such as Complaint from an Advertiser or Complaint to a Supplier).
  • Tell students to follow the program’s directions to write and review a complete paragraph.
  • The program’s built-in hints and tips make it easy for most writers to organize their thoughts and write clear, concise sentences and letters.
  • Student writing is automatically bookmarked in the Merit Online Learning system.
  • If a student does not complete their writing in one sitting, they may return to where they left off or start over.
  • The Revising step provides suggestions for Style, Sentence Structure, and Grammar that improve student writing. This step is optional but encourage students to use it.
  • The Publishing step has three options: Review, Spell Check, and Save.  Selecting Save permanently saves student writing in the Merit Online Learning system.
  • If work is permanently saved, then students may make an unlimited number of revisions using the Post-Published Edits tool in the Online Portfolio.
  • Once work is permanently saved, students may also redo a topic without overwriting previous work.
  • Encourage students to make edits.  All capable writers make edits.
  • Instructors may view student work, at various stages of development, in their own Merit Online Learning dashboard.