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Teaching Tips for Open Punch

  • Choose one of the five types of paragraphs that your class will work on first: Reasons, Details, Example, Cause and Effects, or Sequence.
  • During one period, model how you write this kind of paragraph, using the step-by-step process that is also used in Paragraph Punch, up to the revision portion.
  • Direct your students to the Paragraph Punch program and have them complete the step-by-step process of writing this kind of paragraph in 3 periods (40 to 45 minutes).
  • Short and brief responses are recommended while students brainstorm their initial thoughts. Explain that as students work through the program, they will have many opportunities to expand their thoughts to complete sentences.
  • At the start of each period, review major paragraph concepts including topic and concluding sentences, body, and transitional words.
  • Once the students have completed their drafts, conduct a mini-lesson on editing. You could do a different mini-lesson for each of the five types of paragraphs you teach. Mini-lessons could be about how to check vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar issues, punctuation, capitalization, or spelling.
  • Then have students revise their paragraphs using the revision and editing portion of the Paragraph Punch program. Students can work in pairs, helping each other as they edit.
  • Ask students to share their paragraphs with the class or with partners. Ask students to tell what they liked about each other’s work, make suggestions, and reflect on what they learned about the writing process.
  • Remind students they can use the Post Published Edits feature in the Online Portfolio to make additional changes to their paragraphs.
  • Students can repeat the program for the four other types of paragraphs.
  • Have students write on topics without using the Paragraph Punch program for support. Encourage students to use the Independent Follow-up Worksheet (located in the program manual) as a guide.

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