Tips Reading Comprehension College Prep


Teaching Tips: Reading Comprehension College Prep

Try these tips with the following Merit programs: Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Upper Grades, Confused Words Fix-Up, and Vocabulary Super Stretch

  • For best results we recommend that students use these programs 20 to 25 minutes a session – two to three times a week – for six to eight weeks, and probably more, in conjunction with other methods of instruction.
  • Login to Merit, choose Developing Critical Thinking Skills, Level 3, Unit 1. Complete “Tryout” (If you score over 85%, move up to Level 2 for more challenge), “Workout,” and the “Finals.” If you score lower than 50% on the “Tryout,” use Level 2
  • Review your scores in the Online Portfolio and read the “Tips and Strategies” section. Complete Level 3, Unit 2 “Tryout,” “Workout,” and “Finals” to apply the strategies you learned.
  • Move up to the higher levels of Developing Critical Thinking Skills when you are ready. If you move up to a level and it is too difficult, you can move down and redo levels you have already completed.
  • Capable advanced readers must be able to achieve high scores on Developing Critical Thinking Skills Level 3 (85% plus on “Finals”) and suitable scores on Level 4 (65% plus on “Finals”).
  • For a change of pace, use Merit Vocabulary modules on an as needed basis.
  • Login to Merit, choose Vocabulary Super Stretch Level 1, Unit 1 – Learn. Compete “Tryout” (If you score over 85%, move up to Vocabulary Super Stretch, Level 2.
  • Then go to Unit 2 – Exercise “Warm-up” to work through all the missed words. Complete the Unit 2 “Workout” to see if your knowledge has improved.
  • Last, complete Unit – 3 (“Workout” and “Finals”) to master the level.
  • Advance to Vocabulary Super Stretch, Level 2 when you are ready. Reminder – you can move down and redo levels you have already completed, if you feel Vocabulary Super Stretch Level 2 is too difficult.
  • Confused Words Fix-Up, Level 3, is another good Merit activity to supplement college prep reading instruction.

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