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Merit Text Talker
Merit Software Integrates Text-to-Speech Technology into Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary Instruction.

High quality voices provide an additional method to support learning.

Research shows that a multi-sensory approach to learning shortens the time required to grasp English
language concepts.

The Merit Text Talker, a new innovation, speaks text as it appears on the screen. Students experience the benefits of text-to-speech technology as a fully integrated part of Merit’s reading, grammar, and vocabulary programs.

Users have the option to hear the passages, questions, answers, tips and explanations that they view on the screen spoken aloud. Students may select as much text as they would like to hear voiced, and they can hear it repeated as many times as they wish. While the text is read, each word is highlighted for extra emphasis as it is pronounced.

With just two clicks, students can command that text be spoken aloud without additional windows opening or closing. There is no copying and pasting of text, or toggling back and forth between applications.

The Merit Text Talker comes with two high quality North American voices. Students may also use their own installed regional voice.

Who will benefit by using the Merit Text Talker:

  • English Language Learners
  • Learning Disabled Students
  • Remedial Readers

Merit Text Talker has been discontinued.