Merit Software Webinar Recaps

Helping Upper Elementary Students Who Struggle With Reading
Fairview Elementary School* wants to provide reading help within its general education classes for 4th- and 5th-grade students. The school serves many students who are below proficiency in standardized tests.

Intervention Program for High School Students
Maybranch High School* is looking for a better way to help its intervention students. It has has several RTI (response to intervention) students who are reading at a 5th to 7th grade level.

Surprising Truths About Motivating Students
One of the biggest obstacles teachers face is working with unmotivated students. See how Merit can help.

Creating an Immersive English Environment for ELLs
Mountain Top Middle School is looking for a better way to help its English language learners. The school is located in a Common Core Standards state, so alignment to the English Language Arts standards is important.

Using Ed-Tech to Strengthen Student Writing
Learn about an interactive writing program combined with a built-in teacher tracking tool can improve
student writing.

Using Assessments to Improve English Literacy Skills
Learn how combining interim assessments with sample performance tasks raises test scores.

Helping College Track Students with Writing and Grammar
Merit Software recommends programs to a high school with students who struggle with reading and writing but are good with math and science.

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