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Webinar Recap: Helping Upper Elementary Students Who Struggle With Reading

Fairview Elementary School* wants to provide reading help within its general education classes for 4th- and 5th-grade students. The school serves many students who are below proficiency in standardized tests.

Teachers and administrators have used other ed-tech products that stress decoding and phonics. They want a program which focuses on comprehension.

The school is located in a Common Core Standards state, so alignment to the English Language Arts standards is important.

*This school does not exist. It is a pseudonym for the school that took part in the webinar.


We looked primarily at Reading Comprehension Booster, Confused Words Fix-Up, and Starter Paragraph Punch. Several aspects of the programs impressed webinar participants:

Teachers liked the context clues and constructive feedback.

They also like the flexibility of the programs, which can be used with students with a wide range of abilities.

The writing program can be used to foster editing skills as well as class discussions.

The alignment to the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts was very clear to the webinar participants.

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