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Webinar Recap: Intervention Program for High School Students

Maybranch High School* is looking for a better way to help its intervention students. It has has several RTI (response to intervention) students who are reading at a 5th to 7th grade level.

The school has allocated 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week to work on reading skill improvement.

RTI and Special Ed teachers are using two other programs for decoding, but need help with comprehension and language skills.

The school has numerous computers and students are comfortable with technology.

The school is located in a Common Core Standards state, so alignment to the English Language Arts standards is important.

*This school does not exist. It is a pseudonym for the school that took part in the webinar.


We looked primarily at Reading Skill Builder, Vocabulary Stretch, and Grammar Fitness. Several aspects of the programs impressed webinar participants.

They liked that they programs are adaptive and fast-paced. They liked the context clues.

Teachers liked that they could tell students the scores they needed to reach to pass a level.

They liked that the program can be used with students with different levels of abilities.

The alignment to the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts was very clear to the webinar participants.

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