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Webinar Recap: Using Ed-Tech to Strengthen a School’s Writing Program

Merit Punch writing programs allow teachers to view student work at different stages of development. Here a view of a Pre-Writing Notepad showing a student's opening sentence and list of brainstorming ideas

Southwest Elementary is looking for a way to use computers to improve its writing program. Students have begun writing more this year because of the new Common Core Standards.

Students need help with their typing, organizing, and editing skills.

The school is using a handbook of best practices developed in-house by school district personnel.

Currently, the school is not using any ed-tech resources to supplement their writing curriculum.

Teachers are willing to take the time to check on each student's work, but they'd like a tool to make it easy to do so.

Administrators want its resource room to use a program to support students who need an extra boost.


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Additional Screenshots:

The Writing Notepad shows the initial sentences the student wrote using the list of brainstorming ideas.

The Paragraph Notepad shows paragraph development after the student is prompted to add connecting words and a concluding sentence. Students are given many opportunities to review and revise their work.

Teachers can easily navigate the class online portfolio to view each student's work.

All student work is saved in the online portfolio. Teachers can view a table listing student's published work and work in progress for each program.