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Issues Grammar Students Face

Grammar students have typically been introduced to many basic American English skills and need to reinforce them. Grammar students do best building skills in a self-paced and focused fashion.

English grammar practice software can be a great tool to help these students improve their
American English skills. Particularly beneficial are programs that offer students immediate feedback and frequent places to produce printable data.

Why Merit Software Works for English Grammar Practice

Merit Software English grammar practice programs were designed with these features in mind. Many teachers have reported that they have been effective in helping them teach critical reading in classroom and lab settings.

Merit programs cover the core skills that grammar students need to master. The format holds student interest and keeps students engaged. Contextual help for students is available at various stages within all Merit programs. When working with Merit’s English grammar practice software, students are able to see their strengths and weaknesses in a non-judgmental manner.
They accept responsibility for the challenge of improving their skills.

All Merit Software programs seamlessly integrate student records into a centralized management utility. This allows teachers to manage all student records in one place, monitor students’ progress, and view and print details of individual students or classes.

Who Has Been Helped by Merit English Grammar Practice Software

Merit English grammar practice software is used in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, workplace education and alternative schools. The special education software may also by tutors, therapists and parents.

English Grammar Practice Software User Comments

Grammar Fitness – Intermediate – “Very easy to use. Excellent format.”
Foreman High School, Chicago, IL

Grammar Fitness – Basic – “The immediate response and praise does wonders to bolster a student’s desire to do well.”
Shotwell Middle School, Houston, TX

English Grammar Practice Software Demos

Full working samples of each Merit grammar software program may be found by clicking on the “Launch Demo” button or link on each product’s page

Pricing for English Grammar Practice Software

Complete pricing for each Merit English grammar practice software program is listed on the Merit Software web site