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Issues Special Education Students Face With Hybrid Learning

Special education students and families are typically concerned with improving their academic skills quickly. They want to learn the basics of reading, writing and math in an efficient and timely manner. They can also be self-conscious about their situation and are concerned about being embarrassed by their lack of knowledge.

Special education hybrid learning tools can be a great tool to help these students achieve their goals. Particularly if the programs offer special education students constructive feedback and give instructors measurable results online.

Why Merit Works for Special Education Hybrid Learning

Merit special education hybrid learning tools provide self-paced, hands on instruction in skill areas that students need to know. Special education hybrid learning exercises cover essential reading and writing concepts. Assessments place students in areas of instruction. They receive immediate feedback for their replies to questions. Student advance as they demonstrate readiness.

The program tracks student scores in an easy to use management system. The software works on an easy-to-use online platform. Little training is needed to start using the software and get results.

Who Has Been Helped by Merit Special Education Hybrid Learning Tools

Merit special education hybrid learning tools are used in upper elementary, secondary, and higher education classes, as well as alternative schools. The special education hybrid learning tools can be use both at home and in school.

User Comments

“I’m pleased with the adult literacy software and very happy with it. We really like the clues and feedback. They are very handy and I even write them down myself. It’s great for GED preparation. I supplement it with old GED tests.”
— Adult Literacy Center, Bristol, NH

“We’ve had great success with the Merit adult literacy software.”
— New Castle Adult Education, New Castle, IN

“I use it everyday! It’s a good follow up for my lessons. I use the tracking to help create future lessons. It is very explanatory for the students and they are certainly not bored with it at all.”
— Hill House Association, Pittsburgh, PA

Free Evaluation Software Samples

Downloadable evaluation versions of all of the programs may be found by clicking the ‘Try It’ link on each special education hybrid learning tools’ product page.


Complete pricing for Merit’s special education hybrid learning tools is listed in the ordering section of the Merit Software web site