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Elementary School Math Software That Works!

Issues Elementary School Math Students Face

Elementary School Math Software That Works!

Elementary school students need to be introduced to math concepts and basic skills in an enjoyable way that holds their interest and gives them immediate feedback to their replies. The basics of math can be taught by harnessing their natural enthusiasm to learn.

Elementary school math software can be a great tool to help elementary school students be excited about achieving their goals. Particularly helpful is if the math software features a management system that gives students and instructors measurable results.

Why Merit Software Works for Elementary School Math

Merit Software elementary school math programs were designed with these features in mind. Many teachers have reported that they have been effective in helping them teach critical reading in classroom and lab settings.

Merit software programs cover the core math skills that elementary school students need to master. The format holds student interest and keeps students engaged. Contextual help for students is available at various stages within all Merit programs. When working with Merit's software, students are able to see their strengths and weaknesses in a nonjudgmental manner. They accept responsibility for the challenge of improving their skills.

All Merit Software programs seamlessly integrate student records into a centralized management utility. This allows teachers to manage all student records in one place, monitor students' progress, and view and print details of individual students or classes. The management system can be used on standalone and network computers.

Who Has Been Helped by Merit Elementary School Math Software

Merit elementary school math software are used in elementary schools in computer labs and classrooms as a supplement, or as part of the regular curriculum. The elementary school math software may also by tutors, therapists and parents.

Elementary School Math Software User Comments

Basic Skills Pack - " The kids really like it and the teachers find it very helpful." Highbee Elementary School, Highbee, MO

Pre-Algebra Shape-Up - "Recommended resource." California Learning Resource Network

"Valuable and straightforward skill building software." LearningWare Reviews

Evaluation Software Downloads

Full working samples of each Merit elementary school math program may be found by clicking on the "Try It" link of each product's page

Math Software System Requirements

Merit elementary school math software can be used on stand-alone or networkable computers. The software runs on Windows 98, NT, ME, and XP. It uses 8 MB RAM and 150 MB hard disk space. The programs require a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.

Pricing for Elementary School Math Software

Complete pricing for the Merit elementary school math software is listed on the Merit Software web site

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Do you have any elementary math software that can help my very weak students?
I have a class with variety level of math ability. Some of them were taking Math mental such as Kumon program outside of the school, but they are very weak in terms of word problems, some problems that are related with thinking and imagination skills.

Trouble with Word Problems
My daughter has trouble with word problems. We've tried workbooks and tutoring. Nothing works. Do you have anything to help her?

Bright Boy Lacks Focus in Math
I have a bright boy, but sometimes he lacks focus due to distractions and fooling around in class. Do you know how I get him to focus on his math studies?

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