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    If you are not sure which programs to start with first, look at our skills progression chart. It lists Merit products by competency level.

    If you used our shopping cart to get access to your Merit program, upon checkout you are sent an activation link. If you do not see an activation link, please check your spam folder. If the activation link is still not found, contact us and we will resend your activation link.

    After you activate your account, you will go to the New User Registration page which provides three options:

    • an independent learner;
    • a teacher trying out the program myself; or

    a tutor or parent setting up one or more students

    If you select tutor or parent, your next step is to add the student or students who will use the programs. Click the “Add Student” button to do so.

    Afterwards, you will choose the programs for your student(s) to use.

    Click on the Programs link on the top navigation bar, then click on the Assign link next to the program you want your student to use.

    Once a program is assigned, your student may login to their own account and begin using the Merit Online learning activities.

    If you select independent learner or teacher trying out the program, you will go to a screen where you can immediately use the Merit Online learning activities.

    For more information, click here.

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    The tryout version offers the following benefits:

    • Full-working samples of the activities of the program.
    • Unlimited period of use.

    Buy the full version to unlock even more features:

    • Save and resume work.
    • Access lots more content.
    • View student work online.